33 ft Pro-Line Powerboat

Boat Details

Length 33 ft
Speed 35-50 knots

33 ft Pro-Line Outboard Twin-Engines Powerboat, a modern boat with a versatile design that can be used as a day boat or family cruiser.

Dimensions: 33 feet long and 11 feet width

Capacity: It can accommodate up to 15 passengers luxuriously.

Her cockpit is spacious and deep walkways around the cabin make moving easy.

Trip Details

Snorkeling Tour: Our skilled captain and crew will make sure you enjoy a lifetime's capture. Our reefs are home to many renowned fish species that are sure to bite, like Snappers, Yellow Tail Groupers, Jacks, Parrot Fish, Turbot, Grunts and Yellowfish. You'll get to snorkel one of the world's most vibrant and active reef ecosystems while cruising the stunning Nassau Harbor and neighboring cays.

World Famous Swimming Pigs Tour (From Nassau To Exuma): An exciting journey in the calm, stunning aquamarine waters of the Bahamas from the harbor of Nassau to Big Majors Cay in Exuma where you can feed and sprinkle with the famous swimming pigs.

If you're fortunate, you'll be greeted in the water and on the beach by the famous swimming pigs.

You'll then be brought to enjoy a fantastic meal at the nearby Staniel Cay Yacht Club in which you can relax and unwind before you begin the next step of your Compass Cay adventure swimming with sharks.

Swimming with friendly sharks in Compass Cay adds an amazing experience, allowing you to interact with these marine animals in a close and personal way. You will then continue your trip to Allen Cay where you will feed rock iguanas before returning to Nassau Harbor.

Deep-Sea Fishing: You'll be taken on an unforgettable deep-sea fishing trip around the Nassau harbor's aquamarine waters.

The Bahamas is renowned for its popular Big Game Fishing, including Snappers, Groupers, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi, Barracudas, King Fish, Jacks, Mutton Snapper, Hog Fish, and Sharks.

Your reservation includes a large game fishing charter throughout the ocean walls and drop-off at Nassau Harbor and nearby cays. Your charter is giving you the opportunity to catch a big game fish. 

You can have the day's catch cleaned and take home your catch for preparation.

All fishing equipment, bait, fishing gear, snacks, and soft drinks are supplied and included in the package

Swimming with Turtles at Green Cay: Charter normally starts at the beautiful Nassau Harbor, going towards Green Cay to Swim with Turtles. 

Cruising over various shoals and escaping coral heads in the clear blue aquamarine water you'll arrive to Green Cay's shallow waters to swim with tortoises.

While swimming and snorkeling in Green Cay's clear blue waters, you may get up close and personal and swim alongside these amazing marine animals and experience them in the natural environment.

Sightseeing Tours and Beaching Activity: This tour will take you on a cruise across the beautiful Nassau Harbor, and surrounding cays or whisk you and your guests away to an exclusive private island to spend a day on the beach where you and your guest will explore and enjoy beach activities. How about a quick thrill surrounding Paradise Island or New Providence's scenic shoreline would suit you best? That is sure to be the unforgettable journey of your life!

Bottom/Reef Fishing:

Customers can customize the half-day and full-day tours to include any combination of boating activities except the swimming pigs.
Snorkeling equipment and fishing gear such as fishing rods and bait are provided free of charge.

Half Day Tour (4 hours)

  • $850 USD
  • Price Includes: Water, Soft Drinks and Snacks.

Full Day Tour (8 hours)

  • $1600 USD
  • Price Includes: Water, Soft Drinks and Snacks.

Trip to swimming pigs Eleuthera

  • $4000 USD
  • Price Includes: Water, Soft Drinks and Snacks.

Trip to swimming pigs Exuma

  • $5000 USD
  • Price Includes: Water, Soft Drinks and Snacks.