33 ft Pro-Line Speed Boat

Loď Podrobnosti

Dĺžka 33 ft
Rýchlosť 35-50 knots

Detaily výletu

33-metrový rýchlostný čln Pro-Line poháňaný dvojmotorovými závesnými motormi, luxusný čln s dynamickým usporiadaním-je to ideálna loď, ktorá sa dá použiť ako denná loď alebo ako rodinná plavba. Dokáže luxusne ubytovať až 15 pasažierov.

Rozmery: dĺžka 10,06 metra, nosník 3,35 metra.

Jej kokpit je priestranný a má hlboké chodníky, ktoré uľahčujú pohyb v kabíne. Môžete si prenajať motorový čln na súkromnú prehliadku a obdivovať krištáľovo čisté vody. Môžete si rezervovať súkromnú prehliadku a mať loď úplne pre seba!

Island Hopping Tour

  • $875 USD
  • Rate Includes: 5 Passengers

    A speed boat can be taken to a stunning private island where you can snorkel in the crystal clear waters. You can also dive up our delicacy, the conch, if you're adventurous. Experience life as a native person by taking the conch from the shell, seasoning it to your taste and enjoying the freshest and finest aphrodisiac that you'll ever observe! We will then skip over to another picturesque island which offers views from the ocean to the world-famous Atlantis resort.

    You can enjoy lunch in our local Fish Fry, where most people come by car, but we'll come by boat (not including lunch costs)! We are sure this tour will give you ultimate excitement and fun! 

Private tour to Exuma Cays - swimming pigs

  • $5500 USD
  • Let's take you to see the beautiful Exuma Cays and popular swimming pigs around the world. Luxuriate yourself for a whole day in the clear, beautiful waters of the Bahamas. You'll see the native animals, swimming with the pigs! You can relax on the sandbar and breathe in the fresh and calming air. You can enjoy delicious Bahamian cuisine. Throughout the day, we'll also supply you with chilled bottled water and food to feed the pigs.